Welcome to LushTums Yoga
Welcome to LushTums Yoga

Welcome to LushTums Yoga

The complete mind, body, heart approach for your bump, birth and baby journey

Connect with yourself and your baby

Move, breathe & relax at home with world-class programmes for every trimester and support every step of the way.

LushTums  - Since 2007



"I absolutely love everything LushTums offers; classes, podcast and now this online platform! It's 100% helping me feel more comfortable in my body and more prepared for birth."



"These practices clearly make a big difference and were so helpful for labour; LushTums was a big part of me having a straightforward, intervention-free birth. I couldn't recommend LushTums enough."



"Really love LushTums! So knowledgable and helped with lots of my pregnancy aches and pains, like heartburn and pelvis pain. I can’t wait to try the postnatal yoga."



"Little did I know I would find so much more than just a yoga video. I would recommend everyone to LushTums as a necessity to help navigate the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy and motherhood."

Marianna & Baby Harper

Safe yoga for pregnancy and beyond
Safe yoga for pregnancy and beyond

LushTums signature blend of active and nourishing practices has been loved by thousands of women since 2007; all designed by our founder Clare Maddalena (Senior Yoga Teacher since 2003, Antenatal Educator since 2007 and Doula since 2012).

Ease common pregnancy aches & pains
Ease common pregnancy aches & pains

Quick 10-15min videos to help ease back ache, digestive issues, anxiety and more. Designed to target problem areas to help you feel better, fast!

Prepare for a positive & informed birth
Prepare for a positive & informed birth

Learning how to breathe, move and relax for birth reduces interventions by 60%. Get to know your body and how to work with it as you prepare for giving birth.

Gently recover with postnatal yoga
Gently recover with postnatal yoga

Build strength inside then out,  take time to heal and adjust to motherhood.

Supportive community here for YOU
Supportive community here for YOU

Ask us anything about pregnancy, birth & motherhood.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere!
Enjoy anytime, anywhere!

Wherever you are, however you feel. You have LushTums with you. No ads, no strings, cancel anytime.

Everything you need for pregnancy, birth & beyond - all in one place!

Here is a sneak peak at our beautifully filmed video content and some info on what you'll get.


Such a powerful tool for labour and included in all the videos; clients regularly say, "it's the breathing that got me through!" And the more you practice in pregnancy, the easier it will be in labour.


Movements flow, often in circles and spirals, inspired by how we want to move when giving birth. It helps babies move into the Optimum Foetal Position for birth plus builds your physical strength and inner confidence.

and Relax

Our Guided Relaxations are next level, rest and recharge as you ease away any worries. Life is already super busy, so use these practices to slow down and to get the best night's sleep!

for Birth

Our brilliant and practical Yoga For Birth video is one to watch with your birth partner and practice together to really complete your birth preparation.

All videos are taught by fantastic expert LushTums Teachers  

No more wondering if that You Tube video you just found is actually ok for pregnancy! All our videos are led by very experienced, fully qualified LushTums Teachers, offering expert pregnancy and postnatal yoga for mums-to-be and new mums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yoga safe in pregnancy and for new mums?

Yes! Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do, alongside swimming and walking. We have nourishing practices carefully created for each trimester and postnatally, ensuring you are always doing practices to serve your changing needs in. body, mind and heart.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally practice on a yoga mat but if you don't have one a folded blanket will do. Have a few pillows and another blanket for sitting/kneeling and for extra comfort for the relaxations. If you have a bolster this is really comfortable to use if you have PGP/SPD and prefer to kneel over the bolster, but we can improvise with pillows here too.

How long are the videos?

Pick and choose different videos depending on how you feel and which stage you are at. We have short practices that are less than 10-15mins so you can fit something into a busy schedule. We have longer practices that are around 30-45mins when you have more time. We have beautiful guided relaxations which are 15-20mins' perfect for bed time to help you sleep deeply.

Who should not use LushTums Yoga?

Generally there is something here for everyone whether you want to learn birth breathing or relax or do something more active and energising. We have specific video collection to help with all the common pregnancy aches, pains and ailments! If in doubt, feel free to check with your midwife or doctor.

What are the benefits?

LushTums teaches safe practices, loved by thousands since 2007. Latest research shows using yoga breathing and relaxation can help during labour, reducing interventions by 60% and increasing self-confidence and trust in ones body and capabilities.

Can I cancel?

We hope you will stay with us but if you decide to cancel you can do so at anytime, no problem. You will still have access to the content until your next invoice date. You will also receive a reminder email 30 days before your next invoice date.

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Save time and money with LushTums!

SAVE MONEY - you won't need to spend money on:

- 20 Pregnancy Yoga Classes - £280

- Antenatal Education Course -  £300 

- Hypno Birthing Course - £250

- Specialist Physiotherapy 3x sessions - £225

- Osteopath 3x sessions - £150

- 8 Massages - £480


SAVE TIME - your time is precious: 

- No travel or waiting time  

- Access 5/15/30/45 mins every day 

- Enjoy anytime of the day or night

- Perfect for shift workers

- Fits in around your existing commitments 

- Choose whether to practice daily, weekly or anything in between

- Accessible anywhere 

No contract. No obligation. Cancel anytime.

Recommend a friend; then when they sign up, we'll give you a whole months membership absolutely free!

Practice on any screen, anytime, from the comfort of home wherever you are in the world!

watch on your mobile

Enjoy pregnancy. Prepare for a positive & empowering birth. Recovery postnatally.

For your reassurance and so you know you really are in expert, safe hands, please note:

All LushTums content is fully accredited by FEDANT, the leading accrediting body for specialist yoga, midwifery and antenatal education in the UK and was originally developed by LushTums Founder Clare Maddalena; SYT (also registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals), Antenatal Educator and Doula also registered with FEDANT.

Welcome to LushTums!